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Products are only successfully developed if projects are substantiated by a reliable systems architecture. Systems are developed into architectures.
This approach lays the fundamental idea of and is the integral sovereignty in the technical project management of embedded systems.
  • Analysis of Systems Requirements and Discourse.
  • Model Based Systems Engineering &
  • Realization of Embedded Architectures.
  • .:iconnect.cX - Embedded. Micro Controller.

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  • Berlin, Germany
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Fairbanks, USA
  • Chennai, India
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Dr. rer.nat. Dipl. Inf. Mario Kupries

Chairman of the Int'l conference on Automotive Safety Technologies
Lead Embdedded Systems Architect


  • Architecture-based systems development
  • Model-based systems engineering, modeling and simulation
  • AUTOMOTIVE domaine system specification


  • Elaboration of system solutions from product definition
  • Elicitation of uncovered multi-disciplinary systems cases
  • Mapping of logical, functional, embedded systems architectures
  • Gradation: Systems platforms as variant handling (& DevOps)


  • Architecture management on preventing degradation and erosion
  • Model-based traceability of ECU functionalities from L1 to L3
  • Cohesive depiction: Model scopes, traces, transitions


  • V2X compliant Systems Architectures
  • E/E Automotive, Connected Car, Automated Driving, Infotainment
  • Vehicle-wide, vehicular network technologies & I'net of applications
  • ISO 26262 functional, technical, micro controler concepts


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